Shifting Gears at 15 Years

Carmel Beach View

A View of the Frank Lloyd Wright House at Carmel Beach

January 1, 2023 was the 15th anniversary of the launch of Image Media, LLC. It's my second venture into running my own business. The first time I spent 7 years working as an independent manufacturers’ representative in Northern California. I represented lines that were associated with agencies in the San Francisco Gift & Jewelry Market and directly with manufacturers. It was a challenging job that taught me how to build relationships with retailers and develop a large territory. Many of my clients graciously shared their keys to success and tips for retailers with me. I began writing them down and eventually published a book that included many of them.

During my career, I worked for three corporations in sales, marketing, project and team management. That experience provided outstanding training for the leadership, creative, and technical skills that were necessary to open and grow my own business. While I appreciated those opportunities, I ultimately realized that being an entrepreneur was the best fit.

Living in California was a photographer's dream. I frequently took my Canon SLR on my road trips and developed my photography skills over the years. Digital cameras became available during that time, and that was when the seeds of my next business began to grow.

I've enjoyed taking photographs for decades, and I decided to make it the center of my career when the time was right. Image Media, LLC was launched in 2008 in St. Louis as a photography business. When I added web design and marketing services, I provided custom photographs for my clients' digital assets. Photographing individual, family, and business portraits plus personal and company events has been an honor.

Fast forward to 2023, and my passion for photography keeps growing. In addition to taking on-location portraits and events, I’ve sold images to companies, individuals, and a local design firm. I’ve advanced from point-and-shoot cameras to SLR to DSLR to mirrorless technology. I enjoy photographing the neighborhoods, parks, and gardens of metropolitan St. Louis and beyond. Several of those images are featured in my galleries.

My goal for this next year is to explore, discover, and learn more about my community and my craft. Photography is a great connector to people and the fascinating world around us. Images tell stories at a glance, and that is why I’m devoted to capturing those special moments for you and for me. I’m grateful to all of the people who have participated in my story!

“Our only security is our ability to change.” – John Lilly

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